The Native cemented cup is based on the well known concept of the Sir John Charnley cup, one of the most used on the market with more than one million cups implanted worldwide. The Native cup is available in both standard and HIGHCROSS crosslinked UHMWPE.


The Native cemented cup is available both in standard and HIGHCROSS crosslinked UHMWPE for 22.2mm and 28mm femoral head.
In detail:



The dome of the cup is hemispherical.
A 2mm cylindrical rim has been added to provide better stability for the 22.2mm femoral heads.
The internal chamfer is designed to optimise the contact with the neck of the stem and the final range of motion.


The external surface contains grooves to optimise the cement distribution and fixation along the cup. The external aspect of the rim is serrated thus enhancing the cement adhesion.
Two radiological references (equatorial and meridian) are present to assist when checking the final position of the implant.



Native Cemented Cup uses a compact set of instrumentation: only one tray for trial cups, cup setting guides and handle.